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People TV, Inc. is an independent, non-profit community organization which operates public access in Atlanta.
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May 04, 2015:

The Law and Your Rights

June 08, 2015:

Men’s Health – What Every Man Needs to Know

May 11, 2015:

Crown & Glory

People TV Open Studio

What is Open Studio?

In 2014, People TV began broadcasting a 2-hour live program on Monday nights.  The programming was to serve a three prong purpose.  First, we wanted to provide an open forum to discuss topics of interest and importance to the viewing community.  Secondly, we wanted to provide a platform for workshop participants to practice skills taught in the production workshops, and to better prepare them for the production of their own programming.  Finally, we wanted to use Open Studio as a vehicle to re-engage with non-profits organizations, and provide them a platform to promote their organization and the services they provide.

Open Studio’s has a talk show format and usually consists of 2 to 4 guests knowledgeable of the topics being discussed, with a host/moderator.  The programming is divided into two segments. The first segment is a lively discussion of the topic by the guest, and the last segment is open to questions taken from the live studio audience or via call- in and social media.  In January 2015, the decision was made to decrease the programming from weekly to twice monthly. The decrease in productions allowed us the necessary time to properly plan, promote, and produce quality programming utilizing the limited resources currently available to us.   It also allowed two Mondays a month available to cover breaking news or topics of importance to the community – such as the program we aired covering the protests in Ferguson.  Open Studio is a People TV in-house project. 

April 27, 2015:

Teen Town Hall Meeting.

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