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People TV Atlanta 501(c)(3) Non-Profit * 190 14th St., NW * Atlanta, GA 30318 * Phone 404-873-6712

People TV, Inc. is an independent, non-profit community organization which operates public access in Atlanta.
People TV, Inc. is not an agent or affiliate of the City of Atlanta or the Cable Operator.


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People TV is the City of Atlanta’s public access media technology and broadcast center that provides access, education and empowerment via the creation and distribution of community media. This access center provides adult and youth citizens with equal opportunity to participate in affordable television/video production workshops, access to production facilities and equipment to produce over 85 hours of local programming a week aired on Comcast channel 24 within the jurisdictional boundaries of the City of Atlanta.

At People TV, we provide the only television medium and access to live media for these voices to be heard in support of free speech.  With your support, we will continue to create, strive for, and attain the proper environment and the adequate resources in order to fulfill our values, expand our services, and to further enhance our service and utility to the community.  

  • For OVER 30 years, People TV has provided more local issue-oriented educational and entertaining television programming than any other Atlanta TV station.
  • People TV actively gives individuals and organizations a vehicle for their expression of “free speech.”
  • People TV provides television production training, facilities and services for cable and internet communication.
  • People TV provides more information about the mission, needs and activities of nonprofit community organizations via free public service announcements and special programs than all Atlanta TV outlets combined.

People TV is asking for your financial support to be used for operations and capital support to assist with strengthening the diverse Atlanta community by providing every individual an opportunity to create community-relevant television programming. We do not want to see the loss of the valuable resources of People TV.

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