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People TV Atlanta 501(c)(3) Non-Profit * 190 14th St., NW * Atlanta, GA 30318 * Phone 404-873-6712

People TV, Inc. is an independent, non-profit community organization which operates public access in Atlanta.
People TV, Inc. is not an agent or affiliate of the City of Atlanta or the Cable Operator.

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Patricia Crayton - President
Paul Williams - Vice-President
Maynard Eaton - 2nd Vice-President

Calvin Vismale - Treasurer

John Sharaf - Secretary

Terry Thomas

Hilda Mercado

Crystal Finlay

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Board of Directors

People TV, Inc.

190 14th Street, NW

Atlanta, GA 30318

Who We Are

Become a team member at People TV by joining our staff or by volunteering or interning gain experience while working in one of the station's departments, including Programming and Production, Community Development, Educational Services and the Business Office.

Current Open Positions:

To apply submit your resume to:
People TV, Inc.
190 14th Street, NW
Atlanta , GA 30318
Phone 404-873-6712 Fax 404-874-3239

Board of Directors

We were created in 1986. Our mission is to provide the Atlanta Community a voice through Public Access to Media Technology. This is accomplished by providing the citizens of Atlanta, Georgia an equal opportunity to create public access programming for People TV, Comcast Cable Channel 24. We offer basic technical training, the equipment and facilities necessary to produce non-commercial programming for individuals, organizations and institutions in the city of Atlanta. We are strong advocates of the right of Public Access and freedom of speech as provided by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Our mission is the operation, development and management of the PUBLIC ACCESS CHANNEL within the Atlanta cable television system. This accords with the terms and provisions of the cable television franchise agreement. We are a Georgia 501(c)3 non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors. While People TV has a contract with the City of Atlanta to operate it’s Public Access cable channel, People TV is not a City of Atlanta entity.